So, what’s this blog about? Well, this is just a personal blog that I use to express a range of thoughts all the way from love to anime. I write what’s usually on my mind at the moment and there’s no rhythm or rhyme to what I write about, when I write it, or the way I write it. These thoughts come naturally and flow on to the page whenever I feel like typing. Sometimes I’ll review a favorite anime or maybe I’ll talk about love. Sometimes I’ll even talk about how annoying it is to feel exhausted until you actually lay down in bed. Who knows what this blog is about? The best part about this blog is that I don’t have to fit it into a small box and aim it at a specific audience. This blog is for pleasure – mine and yours. This isn’t meant to make money, generate traffic, or be a fountain of advice for people seeking it. But since I know everyone is usually in a rush, I tried to make it easier for you – the reader – to find the articles that you want to read or the topics you want to read about. I do admit that all of my posts are all jumbled together, but I have conveniently tagged every post with relevant words so that you may browse my assortment of posts relatively quickly through the tag cloud on the right it looks like you’ll just have to use the search box at the very bottom of the page wherever it may be. Ultimately, this blog is all about what’s going through my mind and if you’re willing to risk stepping into my world and see through my eyes, I guarantee you that you’ll find no one else quite like me.


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